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The Lagoon

Commercial Project

The lagoon, inspired by themes of water, its characteristics and ways. The desired setting/ mood is split in two; bar and cafe, the bar to service the night and cafe to service the day. The lagoon offers the  fine experience of lounging, listening to the soft percussion of the piano in a dimly lit room, setting the mood for relaxation and mild conversation. The Lagoon’s ( water) theme is symbolised primarily with fluid geometry, Circles and irregular shapes which is presented in the space by means of wall clads, partitions and ceiling fixtures. These were achieved by machining the desired shapes into and out of engineered boards, further embellishing them with lights for more dimension.

Following the theme of the water, the lowered part of the ceiling was made to be concentric with the bar below similar to the ripples in water; all the traffic in the bar is made to flow around that point. On the other hand-the cafe, nested adjacent to an array of windows is well illuminated natural light which is further extended with the use of reflective surfaces and enhanced with light materials to ultimately create a lively environment for morning coffee or lunch flavoured with the view of the beautiful abuja skyline

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