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Mustang H. Ahmed

Residential Project

A residence designed for an elderly couple with the evergreen affinity to classic luxury. The emaculate beauty of the classic design is infused with contemporary elements softening the antique or dated appearance usually associated with classic design. With the use of wall claddings by means of engineered wooden boards, ornamented with profiles (wood mouldings) like the french boiserie finished and refreshed and modernised with contemporary vertical linea grooves a classic-contemporary (or transitional) style is achieved.

For added dimension the panels are accented with the use of faux stone textured boards  contrasting with smooth finishes of the white panels and warm linea lights to further mellow out the coldness that comes with white. The residence is further inflated with classic elements like the notable ornate chesterfield sofa, with its signature diamond tufts and pin studded armrests. The ultimate balance is realised with the blend of less ornate, contemporary furniture creating harmony and that uphold the desire fusion between the two polarising styles.

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