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Micro Finance Bank

Corporate project

Designed to accommodate an online microfinance bank with an initial occupancy of ten full time staff with an expected increase to twelve full time staff and three part time staff. The relatively new establishment made up with young, boisterous staff stated during the briefing the need for a free open, working environment with distinct parameters without visible restraints or walling to avoid feelings of strict prohibition, a layout that allows for a fluid workflow that encourages staff to move from station to station reducing the uptightness associated with bank settings and consequently reduce sedentary time and encourage productivity and good health

The office is complete with a reception and mini waiting area with wall panels, three private offices for administrative staff, demarcated with glass partitions to create a semi private office for the user that also sends the idea that all are indeed welcome. Finally, there is a small open office with workstations that seat eight staff and provide storage for documents as well as personal effects.

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