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Ivy Leo

Residential Project

A compilation of the bedroom scenes in our showroom in Maitama, Abuja. This compilation includes depictions of luxury hotel rooms fully fitted with an elaborate free-standing double bed accompanied by a single night case and side table, positioned on each side of the bed. The hotel room has a hybrid TV/dressing unit, a combination of a floating table with a small portion of the edge resting on the sideboard close to it, all collectively resting/mounted against the grooved wall panelling on the wall behind. As per hotel standard, the room also has a styling luggage rack.

Alternatively, there is another room - the master bedroom with a built-in wardrobe unit and a double bed that rests against an upholstered wall panel which also functions as the headboard, continued with a bedroom bench identified as Pouf. The master bedroom has a free-standing unit with grove detailed doors and drawers that functions as a dresser/TV unit. The room is completed with a small reading area that includes a wingback chair, footrest and side table, and a sizable bathroom with a suspended vanity unit and an inset washbasin.

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