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Executive Office

Corporate project

Another depiction of the versatility of AFP’s ranges, this executive office is a space in our showroom situated in Idu dedicated to office design. Here we tackle the classic, masculine office design style, typically done with dark wood, leather and hardwood floors. AFP takes something so antique and modernises it, making it more applicable to today's climate while upholding elements and materials that stay true to the style.

The wall panels are embellished with dark wooden moldings/profiles and leather-upholstered boards that also hold the simple rectangular wall lamps. Thus we created a hybrid Boiserie to emphasise the contemporary antiquity of our age. The contrast between the dark wood and light cream leather gives the space a more dynamic character, striking interest and conversation. The  space is furnished with the Aso Desk finished with an eye-catching burl veneer and  the same leather upholstered on the wall panel for continuity.

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