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Danji Abdulraheem

Residential Project

A residential project designed for a two-parent household with four teenage to adult children. The brief was for a subtly luxurious, contemporary-style house with neutral colours and hints of cool vibrant colours, mainly blue and green. During the design phase, the homeowners showed an affinity toward French wall panelling. After considering all the wants and needs of the client - the want for contemporary style but love for the classic French Boiserie, AFP decided to have a fusion of the two styles, arriving at the less ornate wall panels that are still reminiscent of the traditional French panels.

The master bedroom was designed with neutral walls with the same Boiserie panelling, along with striking green headboard, in accordance with the hints of cool vibrant colours as requested by the client. This theme also repeats itself in the walk-in closet with built-in units and the kitchen, saturated with the calm blue used in some of the cabinets. The majority of the house is detailed with gold trimmings, from gold-framed artworks to sideboards and partitions storage units embellished with gold inlays and gold silk fabric, achieving the essence of subtle luxury.

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